✿ "머리는 지운 것을 심장이 기억한다" — the heart remembers what the head erased / a korean miracle who dreams way too much. ✿

✿ Minkun at your service; always free to attend to your thoughts and heart — please, if you must, don't ever forget. ✿


Happy Birthday, Lulu!!
Words can’t describe how thankful I am to this cutie. He’s one of the biggest inspirations I’ve had in a long, long, time. And to me that means the world.
You deserve all the good fortune in this world for not only are you a kind and considerate person, but you’re also a selfless and down-to-earth one that many of us could learn from. The true definition of beauty that is inside out. Keep doing what you do best! We as fans will support you to the end!

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i made it. i didn‘t even realized that i quietly started to tear until i finally got home. ;u;

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The snow that falls in the night sky,

represents your each tear.

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v e r d o s e..

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5/5 edit of Chen for anonymous

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baek bday edits: pretty pretty

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 I-i think we're.. in another Universe 

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