✿ "머리는 지운 것을 심장이 기억한다" — the heart remembers what the head erased / a korean miracle who dreams way too much. ✿

✿ Minkun at your service; always free to attend to your thoughts and heart — please, if you must, don't ever forget. ✿

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Exo - hair color palettes -pink- (insp)

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angel in disguise
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Hello! I always wanted to host a giveaway and I finally have the chance to do so! I was going to post this on my personal/main blog (ktn97) but since I moved my side exo blog to this one, I’m posting it here instead! 
..read the rules, okay?!


-Anybody can enter this giveaway! (yep, you do not have to follow my blog.)

-Reblog as many times as you want and LIKES DO NOT COUNT

-Don’t delete the text

-I will need your address so, please make sure you are comfortable giving it to me
-I will be using a random generator to pick the winner

-No giveaway blog allowed (side blogs are okay)
-Giveaway ends on May 22

-There will only be one winner

-The winner will have 48 hrs to reply. If she/he doesn’t reply to me by then, I will pick a new winner

-Any questions, message me

-uhhh idunno what else…


-EXO K OR EXO M’S OVERDOSE ALBUM (may or may not come with poster)

-EXO bracelet (picture)

-one or two random exo merchandise (poster, photocard, shirt, lightstick…etc)

Once I pick the winner I will order the stuff and have it shipped directly to you!

Good luck! 

P.S I’m really sorry for my “edit”…I don’t edit at all and I did that in paint

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"Someone call the doctor.."

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68/ edits of Park Chanyeol // ©

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